Maven Jones (Horse the band) logo and album design

On April 21st Horse the band posted a message on facebook, asking for a graphic designer that could help create the official logo for David Isen’s solo project.

I quickly replied by posting a link to my website. Days later, David Isen wrote to me and we started working right away. The first task was to create the logo for his solo music project called Maven Jones, he sent me the songs and the concept for the whole project. I sent him some designs, with applications on t-shirts, hoodies and buttons and he approve one logo design.

This logo represents two different individuals in front of a mirror who are the same at the core, in other words, Maven Jones, is the image that David Isen sees in the mirror. Based on this premise, that’s how the idea of the logo was born.

The logo is formed by to words that are actually the same, but you just have to rotate them and you will see the complete word, in this case, it represents, the 2 persons looking at the mirror, colliding and becoming one single person, Maven Jones.

This is how it works

The next task, was to design the album cover called “Another year in the garbage can” The idea was based on the entire concept of the disc, that I summarize in the word WAITING. I read the lyrics and found the phrase “You plant my seed in to the ground…” very interesting, I interpreted this phrase as someone giving you everything to grow, but you left the seed in the same place without taking care of it. There are no vivid colors in the image because they represent and old and forgotten place.

With the approved design, I made some applications to wallpapers and different social network banners.

• Wallpapers

• Facebook banners

• Bandcamp layout

When David Isen received the final work he liked it. I had so much fun working in this project, David Isen was very nice to me. I love projects where my three favorite worlds are combined: design, illustration and music, like album covers.

David left me some feedback about the experience:

“It was a pleasure working with Junior Arce. He approached the project with great enthusiasm and flexibility. He actually paid attention to my intentions and vision for the project and was very reactive to feedback and changes of direction. It is a rare treat when a designer really digs in to his client’s work to get a full understanding and then builds from there. We were able to work through the process in a very interactive, collaborative way, with fantastic results.” David Isen

Two other artists worked in the same project; in the end, our work was mixed together. Horse the band gave thanks to the three of us through their facebook page.

link to bandcamp page


  1. felicidades mi juni!!! uno de los muchos exitos que vamos a compartir :)

    — natalia corado · jul 14, 20:48 · #

  2. Grande papayito!!! deveras que esta genial el arte, ojala y podamos trabajar juntos alguna vez, buenas vibras

    — erick chicas · jul 26, 20:59 · #

  3. que buen trabajo master con tu firma, con tu firma, felicidades

    elvis · ago 15, 12:52 · #